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Inspection Pro IP-5800

2016-09-01 03:11:53

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Inspection Pro IP-5800

Our IP-5800 is an in - circuit tester that is a compact, high-speed board inspection device designed to save space. IP-5800 uses contact probes for high-speed inspections to detect short-circuits, erroneous number of components, or missing components on a printed-circuit board equipped in the components.


* Enhances inspection accuracy and realizes super-fast inspection.

By using a measurement system that does not require adjustment( digital measurement) everywhere, we have enchanced absolute value accurary and repeat precision. Self-correction by digital calibration reduces fluctuation of measurement values due to variation sa time elapses and variation in temperature. Shortens inspection time approximately 40% compared to our previous products.

* 4-pin low resistance measurement function as standard function as standard function.

4-pin measurement function (Kelvin measurement) is offered sa standard function.

* Enhanced charge test and automatic discharge function.

We have enhanced the automatic discharge function to protect equipment from remaining charge in capacitors and ensure safe measurement. The number of groups has been dramatically increased trom 16 to 127, and discharge voltage has been raised from 1 to 10 volts.

* Dramatic increase in number of measurement groups.

The number of groups has been dramatically increased from 16 to 128. This facilitates divided measurement/ managenment of boards having multiple circuits.

* Dramatic increase in number of measurement steps.

The number of measurement steps has been dramatically increased from 4096 to 16000( including IC test). Enables handling of large boards and high integration boards.

* Option

Options that can be selected according to the customer’s inspection condition are vailable.

- Open check test.

            Lead frame configuration IC and connector pin floating can be tested by sensor.

- C polarity test.

            You can test polarity of capacitors having polarity by sensor.

- High voltage Zener diode.

            You can measure Zener voltage from 40 to 90 volts.

- Area sensor.

            Enhances safety from the front during press operation.

- safety cover.

            Enhances safety from the rear during press operation.

- Passing mark function.

            Passing mark is stamped on boards that pass inspection by air cylinder or solenoid( Requires fixture mounting).

Depending on the requirements, there are 3 variants available for our IP5800 system namely, the IP5800Z which is the compact type, the IP5800ST which is the standing type and lastly, the IP5000IL which is the in-line or conveyor type. All of them are capable of testing a high density target board.

Download this file (IP-5800 Catalog_EN (newest).pdf)IP-5800 Catalog[ ]1083 kB




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