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General Questions

Who is WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.?
- We are a trading company that specializes on dealing with test probes, In-circuit testing, functional testing and visual inspection systems and other related systems.
What can WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offer?
- We can offer high quality test probes renowned in the world for its quality which is INGUN as we are one of its accredited suppliers. We can also provide In-circuit tester and fixture, functional tester and fixture, our visual inspection system, J-TAG systems, and Digitaltest.
How to contact WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.?
You can contact us by the following contact numbers:
o WIT (Thailand) Main Office: +66-(0)2237-2479
o WIT (Thailand) Vietnam Office: +84-(0)4-66843725
o WIT (Thailand) Philippine Office: +63-(0)49-530-8728
You can also send your inquiries through email on
Why choose WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.?
- Because we can give you quality products, assure you outstanding support and thorough services that gives value to you and your company means and time.

About Products : Probes

What are the advantages of using INGUN test probes?
- INGUN conduct laboratory tests to improve products and get the most out of the probe’s performance resulting on better probe quality, durability and outstanding performance.
How long is the lead time of INGUN probes?
- First time order takes about 2-4weeks lead time after the purchase order but if we can receive a forecast of probes monthly or quarterly, we can reduce the lead time into 2-5days.
How can I know the counterpart INGUN probe of my test probe of different brand?
- You can also directly ask us about your current test probe and we’ll give you its INGUN counterpart.
Why order INGUN test probe from WIT?
- We can assure you that we will not give you fake INGUN test probes since we are one of their accredited distributors, you can check it on their website. Also, we can support you regarding your inquiries on test probes.
What is the MOQ of test probes?
- MOQ for test probes depends on which probe are you going to purchase. MOQ of standard ICT/FCT test probes is 100 pieces and sold only by hundreds. For switching probe and high current probes, MOQ is 2 pieces.

About Products : In-circuit testers and fixtures

What In-circuit testing system can WIT offer?
- We call our ICT system the IP5800 system or Inspection Pro 5800 system, the IP5800 system operates at high speed with high accuracy and reliability ensuring quality testing and customer satisfaction. It is available on 3 variants which is the IP5800Z, the IP5800ST and the IP5800IL.
Can WIT offer Digital In-circuit testing?
- WIT is the sole agency in East Asia for Digitaltest. Digitaltest GmbH: Board tester manufacturer founded in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1980. Handles test equipment such as mounting board testers and CAD data tools. Has sold more than 1700 units the world over. Digital in-circuit and function testing on test equipment. IC pin floating function provided as standard function. Inspection primary consists of short/open inspection, analog inspection of components such as resistors, capacitors, coils and diodes, QFP/BGA components and lead floating, voltage measurement, digital IC inspection and frequency measurement.
Main problem from other ICT machine supplier is their lack of local/on-site support, what is the difference of WIT from them?
- We can assure you outstanding local/on-site support. Available support engineers stays on our offices in Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. But if no one from the 3 offices are available or loaded, we can send engineers from our office in China or Japan as well. So no problems in terms of availability of local support.
For ICT fixture, what data are needed to provide the quotation and fixture itself?
- Data that mainly needed for the fixture are the BOM, Netlist, Schematic Diagram and the Gerber Data. Given these data, we can provide you an accurate quote of the ICT fixture and a quality ICT fixture as well that will be coming from either Thailand, China or Japan.
How long is the lead time of ICT fixture?
- Approximately 1 week for analog ICT 500 pins.

About Products : Visual Inspection System

What is the IP-3000 system?
- The IP-3000 is a visual inspection system that can be either linked to server, other machines or stand-alone. When linked to an AOI machine, it can help with the verification of false calls, components or areas that cannot be inspected by the AOI machine, and vital components or areas that might need to be checked and judged by a human.
What are the different variants of the IP-3000 system?
- The IP-3000 system is available in 2 different variants, Inline and Table-top. Also, depending on the size of the PCB to be tested, the IP-3000 system is available as S-size for board size of 250mm x 200mm, M-size for board size of 330mm x 250mm, SL-size for board size of 450mm x 300mm, L-size for board size of 510mm x 460mm, XL-size for board size of 610mm x 510mm.
How capable is the IP-3000 system in-terms of increasing the accuracy of the visual inspector?
- Unlike microscopes and magnifying glass that visual inspectors used, significant amount of fatigues sits in when these types of equipments are used. By using our IP-3000 system, Accuracy is significantly increased due to reduced fatigue factor since the visual inspector will be viewing the inspection points on a PC screen and can adjust camera angle, lighting and judge because of the user-friendly interface.
Up to what SMT device size can the IP-3000 system view clearly using its camera?
- The IP-3000 system is equipped with a newly developed high magnification camera which enables easy visual inspection of very small components such as 01005. It is also using 2 cameras to maximize its viewing capabilities, a top view camera and a 45˚ slanted camera for side view, which is also capable of making a 630˚ degree turn.
How does the server link of the IP-3000 work?
- After the testing of a PCB in an inspection machine, the results of the testing will be saved in the server database. This in-turn will be loaded by the IP-3000 by accessing that database and will be looking for false calls, and will be inspecting those false calls. After the inspection, the IP-3000 will continue its operation to the registered points in the program. As a result, a more efficient operation of batch visual inspection and reduction of labor requirements is achieved.

About Products : PRISM

What is 'prism Software Testing'?
- PRISM is multi-purpose software designes for automatic measurement/adjustment of audio/visual., telecommunication products and circuit board